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I Am Not My Breasts

Decked out in their finest, Mom and Dad were on their way down Route A1A in Florida to an anniversary party at an elegant yacht club.

They didn’t go to many social events and were excited to celebrate this special evening in the lives of their old friends.

Mom chose flowing blue silk and pearls; Dad wore his best suit.

The previous summer, Mom had endured a double mastectomy for breast cancer, and this party marked a return to the small joys of life.

Now several towns from their home, cupping her hands to her chest in panic, Mom exclaimed, “Lou! I forgot The Girls!”

Her prosthetic breasts, which she carefully slipped into a specially made bra whenever she went out, had become an uncomfortable fact of life.

They were heavy, and never felt quite right over her newly healed scars.

Well tonight, The Girls were home alone.

Dad, sincere and at-the-ready to help with this predicament, gripped the wheel and began to maneuver a U-turn.

“Wait.” she said. “Let’s go without them.”

As she told me later, she had the time of her life at that party and never wore The Girls again.

And then she tossed out a phrase that I’ll never forget:

“I am not my breasts.”

Well, amen, Mom.

Our beauty is the light of our soul, the light of our heart, the light of our love and of our spirit.

When something knocks us off our game today, let’s remember that the wattage of our inner light can be so mesmerizing that what we thought was a glaring imperfection is insignificant when standing in the light of our love.

This inner light is what makes us beautiful.


In The World:

  • Take a few moments, right now, to imagine the light of love in your heart center. See it as radiant, glowing, compassionate, beautiful. This is the you that is projected to anyone who crosses your path today. This is the feeling they will walk away with. This is who you are.

In The Heart:

  • Today I radiate the love and beauty of my inner light.


Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. --Kahlil Gibran

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Thank you to all those who have inspired us by their courageous journey through breast cancer.


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