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Meditate with Mary & Maya
A Virtual Workshop

Meditation Workshop
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If you've always wanted to learn to meditate - or to revive your existing practice - here's the perfect chance to take a pause from the noise of the world.

My daughter Maya and I gave this workshop in April, 2021 and received such beautiful feedback. We are sharing it with you on demand so that you can nurture your meditation practice on your own time and return to it when you need a spiritual jumpstart.


* the 1-hour workshop video in its entirety (originally recorded on Zoom), plus the 20 minute question and answer period. 



* a classic breath awareness meditation 

* how to relax and go deeper

* 3 ways to quiet your thoughts 

* how to use a mantra

* how to impact world peace through your inner peace

Historically, meditation is known as the path to enlightenment. But on the way, it can help us reduce stress and anxiety, feel more focused and calm, increase intuition and feel more joy in our lives.

This is a workshop for all souls. No prior experience is necessary. If you are already an experienced meditator, we have plenty of tips for you too.

Join us for a practice that will change your life.

Workshop Feedback

A wonderful hour! You and Maya did a seamless and splendid presentation. It was a feast for my soul.

Fabulous workshop! You were organized, it flowed with ease and grace and I learned exactly what I needed for my practice. 

This workshop was a powerhouse of beauty, love, spirit and professionalism. Excellent presentation!

It was a beautiful time together today. You both made my day feel lighter and more joyful.

What an amazing hour spent with you ladies. This connected with me deeply. Thank you so much.

I absolutely loved the workshop. I got more out of it than I could possibly imagine. 

I felt so much love during this experience. It was peaceful, calming and there were countless tools I will use daily.

The mother-daughter duo was so unique and fun. You took an old and common practice and made it new.

I really loved it! Beautiful voices and seamless transitions. You are a great team. I was totally into it.

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