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love, peace, gratitude and simple joys


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I'm Mary, the soul behind the Every Day Spirit books, messages, graphic art and mobile app.  I'm grateful that we are together in this very time and space, sharing a journey of spiritual wisdom.

Before writing Every Day Spirit, I was a musician, songwriter, piano teacher and yoga instructor.

I now live a quiet life centered around writing, meditation, service and spiritual practices. My passion is bringing the love of spirit into my everyday life, and sharing my toolbox of peaceful practices with you.

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Every Day Spirit was born during a year of solitude in a simple cabin off the grid - listening to the whispers of my heart and the songs of divine love.

Inspired by the daybook Simple Abundance, writing Every Day Spirit brought meaning to a challenging time in my life - and the lessons that arrived with it became a bridge between surviving and thriving. It felt like those lessons were meant for all of us.



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Thank you for being here and for your irreplaceable light in the world. I'm overjoyed to share this path of love, peace, gratitude and simple joys - with you. 

The light we ignite within brings us together as a wave of light in the world. 

a few of my favorite things

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morning spiritual practice

cardinals in the bird bath

a beach walk at sunrise

communing with nature

gluten free almond coffee cake

yoga and swimming

family and friends

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