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Mind, Body and Spirit

If something is weighing on your heart, you're not alone.

Lots of us are feeling a little "off," overwhelmed, anxious. It seems we are all registering somewhere on the Getting Used to Being Stressed scale.

So, let's tip the scales today.

This we know: What we dwell on, we create; what we imagine, we attract; what we ponder, we empower.

So it's important to balance our anxious thoughts with the beautiful calm ones, right?

A gentle re-connection with our whole selves, Mind, Body and Spirit, is the key. Trouble is, we tend to treat the Spirit part as an afterthought.

But hey, that's the place where our wisdom, joy and peace come from. We want to invite more of that in. Deliberately. Every day.

In hopes of starting this day with soul-nourishing momentum, I thought I'd share a passage from the book, Every Day Spirit, that invokes more grace, more blessings and more peace on your day ahead.

Read while imagining that all is well in the world and in your heart:

May this day be grounded in love, illuminated by light and graced with blessings.

May this day be guided by divine wisdom, aligned with goodness and filled with joy.

May this day be guarded by angels, softened by patience and raised by kindness.

May this day be lifted by gratitude, deepened by compassion and calmed by inner peace.

Breathe that in.

Remember, where our focus goes, our energy flows.

We create today one thought and one prayer at a time.

And sometimes we need to reboot and remind ourselves to connect with the power of our spirit - and connect that with the power of Divine love. Then everything is possible.

And on some level, all is well.

So let's celebrate this day with rebirth and renewal right here inside - listening to our inner voice, asking for direction and remembering that we are never alone in this.

For inspiration, updates & offers

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