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Your Most Powerful Spiritual Tool

One of the most important ways to elevate your spiritual path is to remember, over and over again, that you have support beyond your wildest dreams in everything you will do today.

Remember this. Every. Single. Day.

Yes, I know. It sounds elementary but we're hard-wired to forget.

It happens to all of us. We get lost in the drama and the details of the day, forgetting that we are spiritual beings first.

So the more we practice remembering that we have assistance on our journey, the more we gain perspective and the understand that there is a much bigger plan than the one we can see.

And we start asking for help more often.

Like every hour.

It's a comfort to know that when we work as a team with the Divine, our guards, our guides and the angels, resistance drops away, and we find ourselves in the flow of grace and ease.

Below are three quick steps from the book Every Day Spirit that you can try out today to lift worries and enlist divine assistance no matter what challenge presents itself.

I often set my phone alarm for every hour and do this throughout the day.

Try it and you will find that you have instant support and a deep wisdom that far surpasses your mind's ability to solve earthly dilemmas.

Here are the steps:

1 - Remember.

Take a breath and open your heart to the thought that you are a magnificent being of light and have a whole team of celestial helpers.

2 - Ask in your own way.

You can direct your request to God, your guides, the Universe, your angels. Here's my usual prayer: "Divine Love, I step into your flow and know that I will receive the perfect guidance. Thank you for helping me with ... " (Fill this in with your request.)

3 - Notice and follow the lead.

Through signs, large and small, answers will be provided and you will know how to proceed. What happens in the flow of grace happens easily and effortlessly.

I'm wishing you an amazing day of wisdom, joy and peace. Relax and breathe deeply.

Your mind can remain free of worry as long as your soul is open to divine teamwork.

(Angel painting at top is from my office wall. I found her from Sandra at SophiesPorch.)

For inspiration, updates & offers

Congrats! You’re subscribed

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