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Time Out for Tea and Grace

Our hearts are a little heavy. This month of news was enough to send us all to the clinic for spiritual pacemakers.

And that lies on top of our already full lives. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to wrestle our work to the ground.

Or so it seems from here.

Our minds are dancing with stressful thoughts, and we’re more than a little overwhelmed.

When we notice this dissonant symphony descending on our brains, we must stop and do the most logical next thing.

Make a cup of tea or coffee - and sit.

Herein lies the gift.

On the sixth day, God did not create stress.

We did. In our minds.

It’s not even a real thing.

It’s our perception of some made-up future doom. It’s the perception of lack, of fear and of mistrust.

And we know better.

We know that ours is an abundant universe with infinite support waiting to swing into action.

We know that the perfect outcome for all of our desires is already manifesting if we can just stop resisting and get out of the way of grace.

We also know that peace and contentment are within reach.

But sometimes it takes those tea leaves to explain it to us.

Why not allow stress to morph into an opportunity that brings us back to our highest self?

When we notice we are out of sorts, we can call a time-out.

In the ensuing silence, we might remember how infinitely loved we are and how the world will go on spinning just fine if we duck out for a moment.

We might be reminded how when we reboot the attitude and plug into Spirit, the energy flows.

It’s the difference between climbing a mountain with a heavy backpack and floating down a river in an inner tube with an umbrella drink in one hand.

Where would you rather be?

We don't have to muscle through this alone. Help is on the way.


In The World:

  • Stressful thoughts are resistant thoughts. Notice when they infiltrate your mind today. And stop. Change gears. Pour a cup of tea and invite your highest wisdom into the situation. Say a prayer and just breathe for a moment. Have faith and bless the day. Ask for grace, then get back in the game with an army of angels by your side.

  • If you need some tips for reducing anxiety, see 14 Steps to Calm.

In The Heart:

  • I live in an abundant universe, flowing with ease and grace through this day. I set stressful thoughts aside, asking for grace and staying in the present moment.

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