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Starting Over with the Sunrise

This morning I wrap in a blanket and pad out the back door to be with the sunrise.

The early birds begin in the dark with tentative melodies and the answers arrive with joyful enthusiasm.

They seem to know something I don't know.

They sing, Are you awake?

Friends join in until it becomes a symphony of bird songs with the rooster and the ravens throwing in their loud solos.

They are insistent. Are you awake?

The wind in the trees sounds like a distant waterfall as it blows through the towering sentinels. All of the leaves on Hunters Road clap for the sun.

Each blade of grass shimmers wet across the horse field.

Bees are busy at work. Frogs in position on their rocks. Horses circle the hay bale.

There is a faint Om coming up from the very earth.

This is what I think the birds know: Everything is starting over.

Just like me. It is the dawn of a new beginning. New life. Every morning we get another chance ~ and they sing about it.

There is a sunrise over the field and a sunrise in the soul. The birds have somehow figured this out.

Wispy pink clouds gather expectantly around the place where the sun will come up over the ridge, receiving her, beholding her.

The Beatles, Here Comes The Sun, sings in my heart with the first beam of light.

“It’s alright,” the lyric tells me. Really?

It’s true. Right now, everything is alright.

There is grace in the sunrise, in the light of a new day.

There is space now, while worries wait, for hope to rise.

There is a chance now, to create beautiful things from the ashes of night.

There is faith now, that anything is possible in this brand new world.

There is peace now.

Am I awake?

I am awake to the possibilities.

The sun breaks free like confetti of gold, shining between the branches of the big tree in the field.

A ruby-throated hummingbird silently dances from flower to flower taking a drink and making an offering.

The earth stands still

for the tiniest of moments,

in awe of this precious day.

Let's be awake.

Here is our chance to begin again in hope.

Here is our chance to begin again in peace.

Here is our chance to begin again in gratitude.

Because every morning, the birds sing and grace pours in with the light.


In The World:

  • Today the sun is front and center as we unite in our experience of a total solar eclipse. In some areas all light will be blocked out ~ an interesting visual for these times we are living through. But the light soon returns and then relentlessly, each morning, we are given a chance to begin again. Let's be awake to the gifts and receive the grace of the light.

  • If it has been awhile since your last time, make a date to experience a sunrise outside. Bask in the sights, the sounds, the colors, the gifts, the grace.

In The Heart:

  • I rise each morning grateful for a new beginning. I believe in the infinite possibilities of this day.


I want to thank you, Lord, for life and all that's in it. Thank you for the day and for the hour, and the minute. —Maya Angelou

Sunrise over the horse field.

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