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My Manager and the God Box

My mother, who we affectionately call "Tiny Guru" for her small stature and great spirit, takes pride in being my manager.

There’s nothing much to manage as I am a hermit writer living in the country, and that suits us both nicely.

On a daily basis she gives me the priceless gift of her unconditional love and enthusiastic support. No matter the project, she is all in.

She also does a particularly vital task for me: She xeroxes my Facebook posts and sends me hard copies of them.

Receiving those papers every few months allows me to organize my ideas for new posts and blogs. I can lay them out on the floor, reorder them and take notes on them.

They are invaluable, thus making her an extra great manager.

Facebook occasionally changes things up and recently they re-structured the Photos section. Mom’s usual procedure of printing out one post at a time was not working.

She was deeply troubled and spent hours trying new settings and printing out “that damn frog” over and over. The pages were a mess of ads.

Then came a lighting bolt. I’ll put it in a God Box, she mused.

The fact that she didn’t have a God Box did not deter her.

She searched the house and found a container deemed perfect for the job and carefully worded her short message:

Dear Angels of the Computer,

Thank you for Mary’s printing job.

It is lovely.

xx Tiny xx

She then left it in the box to percolate for the weekend.

Monday morning, full of faith, Mom fired up the computer, settings as usual, and the print job came out “half-way better.”

She said softly to the Angels, “If this is the best it can be, it will be alright. But I’d really like it to be perfect for Mary.”

She printed it out again, and it was perfect—and has been ever since.


In The World:

  • Make your own God Box if the inspiration strikes. Place your worries inside and forget them. In Tosha Silver’s, Outrageous Openness, she explains: “During the period of offering, solutions often spontaneously arise. When the mind is no longer grasping for an answer, space opens. The Box gives room for a Divine plan, even in impossible messes.” Allow the Divine to grow miracles for you.

In The Heart:

  • I trust that the Divine has a plan in progress for all of my challenges. As I step out of the way, answers arrive in perfect time.


Where there is great love, there are always miracles. —Willa Cather

My trusty God Box with Archangel Michael


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