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Joy and the Coffee Cake

As I sit in the morning sun considering ways to celebrate joy in small things, I imagine a colorful tube reaching from the sky to me.

Through this open, joy-transmitting tunnel, I feel beams of sheer bliss coming right into the top of my head and landing with laughter in my heart.

My joy channel is getting a strong signal. But strangely, it repeatedly sends down but one thing through my tunnel.

Coffee cake.

Yes, indeed. I’m channeling almond coffee cake.

Since taking all things gluten out of my life some years ago, I dream of my former favorite breakfasts, which all happen to be coffee cake related in some sweet happy way: cheese danish, scones, banana bread, and the queen of all breakfasts, almond coffee cake.

The mere thought of them and I feel the presence of a happy divine goddess within.

The great news for humanity is, seeing as we are all threads in the same tapestry of oneness, my joy is also your joy. Your joy is mine.

We celebrate life’s small moments while lifting the energy of everything around us in a vibrational fireworks show.

As I drive up the winding mountain road not far from my cabin, I pass a sandwich board sign near a small house that says, BAKERY - GLUTEN FREE.

Last week I stopped in to find an adorable room with ten tables adorned with fresh flowers and happy customers.

I walk up to the counter laden with gorgeous baked goodies and say, “SO, where is the gluten-free section?”

I think I’m dreaming when I hear, “All of it is gluten-free.”

All of it??

I lift my arms overhead as if I had just seen a vision of Mother Mary in Medjugorje.

Recovering my voice, I sing out, “Have I told you how much I LOVE you?”

In the distant background, I can hear the Table People cracking up.

But me, I’m busy ordering almond coffee cake and lifting up the planet with some big joy fireworks.


In The World:

  • Be on the lookout for life’s small moments of joy today. Give us all a lift by celebrating what makes you smile.

In The Heart:

  • I celebrate small moments and find joy in small things.


Joy is the sound of love, the color of gratitude and the song of your favorite things.

I did it for us ...


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