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Connecting with Your Guardian Angel

I've always been an "angel person." My mom too.

When I was growing up, visits by angels and spirits were considered a natural part of life, so I never saw it as particularly unusual when, as a young adult, I delved into a deeper relationship with my guardian angel.

I called on her for help with just about everything. And I still do today.

It amazes me how many of us have forgotten that we have access to this great gift. Or we never knew in the first place that we have untapped assistance nearby.

The thing is, we all face challenges every day that could use a little supernatural assistance, and the help we need is standing right behind us. Yep. They are right here.

Guardian angels are ever-present gifts from God sent to assist us in any and every way.

I know it’s a little hard to grasp this truth, but stay with me for a minute. It’s totally worth it to learn a little more about your angels and to understand how you can foster a relationship with them.

No matter who you are, or what your belief system is, each of us has a guardian angel who stays with us for our entire lifetime.

They are overflowing with unconditional love for us.

We can ask them for help with absolutely anything, and they will do their best to steer us in the right direction—always whispering, always guiding.

Guardian angels are here for the sole purpose of assisting us, but they will never interfere with our free will. They act on our behalf only when they are called upon.

So, when we want their assistance, we just need to have a chat. Yes, we need to actually ask.

It takes a moment of quiet focus, but connecting with an angel is as easy as talking to a dear friend.

And life changes completely when we make friends with our angels.

We don’t have to endure the difficulties of this day alone. We only need to call on our friends in high places.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Ask often.

The angelic realm will not intervene unless asked, so get used to asking for help.

You can talk with your guardian angel as you would talk to your best friend—about anything and everything, silently or out loud.

You can request assistance in all aspects of the day.

Angels are helpful in the smallest, most mundane decisions, and in the most impossible, seemingly hopeless challenges of daily life.

Once a request is made, help is on the way.

2. Pay attention.

After you ask, pay attention to the guidance you receive in the form of signs, feelings or an intuitive sense of what to do next.

Answers can also be received through something a friend or stranger tells you, or in the lyric of a song. They can be found in billboards and in pages of a book.

Be open-minded to your angel's unique way of communicating.

3. Act on the guidance you receive.

When you receive a sign, act on it. The more you act on guidance given, the more you will notice guidance given.

When you notice a sign, something in your spirit will be activated and you will know what it means and what to do.

You might have an "aha" moment, and you will know which road to take based on this new understanding.

Sometimes acting on guidance is as simple as believing and receiving the comfort that has been given through a sign.

4. Ask on behalf of others.

Another way angels can assist us is with our relationships.

We don’t directly communicate with someone else’s angel, but we can ask our angel to enlist their angel’s help in healing, in sorting out a problem between you, in helping them with their lives or their health today.

We can ask them to work on impossible situations from higher realms.

I have seen misunderstandings and family fallouts melt away after diligent requests for angelic intercession.

When it feels like all is lost, there’s always hope because angels are near.

5. Give thanks.

It helps to give thanks before you even get an answer—as if it has already come to pass.

Gratitude in advance always empowers the request.

For example you could say or think, “Thank you for helping me,” or “Thank you for guiding me through the details of this meeting,” or “Thank you for solving this problem with me.”