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My Daily Spiritual Practice

All of humanity’s problems stem from one’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. -Pascal

As most of you know, I like to fly under the radar.

YOU are the hero of my pages and my books.

YOU are the focus of my work, my prayers and my blessings.

I don't talk a lot about myself.

I don’t do interviews, podcasts and accept very few talks.

I like my peace.

But as we enter the season of even more busyness (aka stress), it’s more important than ever that we move our spiritual practice time to #1 on the priority list.

And if I titled this blog post: Your Spiritual Practice: Why It’s Important, it might have felt like homework. One more thing to do. A finger wag.

And I want you to know - it's not.


Your spiritual practice is your goldmine.

Your spiritual practice is your power.

Your spiritual practice is your calm, your self-care, your kindness and love of others.

Your spiritual practice is your connection to the Divine assistance that makes all things possible.

Your spiritual practice is where the eternal you shows up and leads the way.


So, back to the title, which I’m regretting a little. :)

My thought is - if I let you know what I do daily, it takes the mystery out of it and makes it more real in your heart and in your life.

But there are a few things to remember:

First of all, what I do is not what you need to do. It’s a loose template. You will know what you need.

Secondly, every few years for the last 3 decades, I have changed it up. I change the order, the elements, I change the length of time. This is not a static practice. It grows as we grow.

Lastly, I’m an author and spiritual teacher so floating around in the world of spiritual practices is my work and my play. You might have family demands, or school, or crazy work hours.

You are not expected to have a 3 hour spiritual practice. No guilt. Every mindful moment counts.


1 - I wake up and whisper, “Thank you!” I float in a moment of complete gratitude for waking up to a new day.

2 - Affirmation: “I will flow through this day with ease and grace. Use me to serve for the highest good of all.”

(Note: This little ritual takes all of a few focused minutes but anchors the day in light.)

After I get settled in my spiritual practice seat:

3 - Inspirational Reading: I find that reading a few pages of sacred text holds my thoughts of planning at bay and keeps me in the spirit-driven holiness of the morning.

4 - Daybook Reading: Yes, I read Every Day Spirit along with you, and contemplate the message of the day. I often read another daybook page or two as well.

5 - Meditation: I use a simple meditation technique focused on the breath, followed by pranayama (breath work) and a chakra blessing. It’s all very gentle and mindful.

6 - Prayer: Before I really “come out” of meditation, I have a chat with God. I include all of the members of my Spiritual A-Team (May 5th in the Daybook), as I imagine a joyful day of co-creation. I bring up any challenges that I face, any goals I envision, any suffering endured by myself or others that needs assistance. I bless our earth and all beings. I recite the prayer, "This Glorious Day." (On the last page of the Daybook.)

7 - Gratitude Journaling: I write the gratitudes that flow into my soul, sometimes leaving a space or two for later in the day. (I’m using the new Gratitude Journal now.)

8 - Gratitude In Advance Journaling: I copy a list of affirmations that give thanks for blessings that are yet to unfold. It's my special manifestation exercise and it works like a charm. (See the Daybook page for May 14th for simple instructions.)

9 - I walk on the beach. Sometimes I do this first and catch the sunrise over the ocean. I spin around. I pray. I give thanks. I get my feet in the water. Sometimes I swim. I talk to the birds. Yoga is my alternate on windy or rainy days. Like the beach walks, it’s done in the spirit of prayer and devotion.

10 - On weekends I journal about the spiritual highlights of the week and of my work with hospice patients.


So, my template after the wake-up gratitude and affirmation ritual is:




Gratitude Journal

Walk or Yoga

Besides the walk, this will take me between 15 minutes and 3 hours. It depends on the day.

If you decide you have 15 minutes - or even 5 - make it the most beautiful, focused minutes of your day.

Imagine that God is coming over for tea.

Like - really be present. No phone.

Maybe you want to break it up - a session in the morning and one before bed.

There are no big rules. But it really transforms you when you ...

... MAKE IT #1

“A little while alone in your room will prove more valuable than anything else that could ever be given you,” said Rumi.

Your spiritual practice will raise up everything else you do in the day.

It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself and those who cross your path.

Because where your focus goes, your energy flows.

When you create time to connect with your highest self each morning, spirit awakens and moves to the forefront.

Your day is inspired when it starts from a place of spiritual connection with all wisdom, all light and all blessings.

And that’s when we begin to lead with love, to seek out joy, to feel the reservoir of kindness within.

Which makes perfect sense. Because that, sweet friend, is who you are.

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