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Eight Ways to Develop Your Intuition

I had an extraordinary experience with intuition a few weeks ago that I wanted to share with you.

I believe it’s something that can happen to any of us and is a power that we can all develop.


The story starts on a busy Monday. Since I treasure my time home alone, I often stack my errands all on one day.

On this day I made 9 stops in all: I sat with a hospice patient, picked up a prescription, stopped at Mom’s for tea, shopped for groceries, etc.

After a quick grocery drop-off at home, I was off to an infant loss support group meeting.

In the evening when all was accomplished, I realized that I only had one earring on.

The earrings I wore that day weren’t just any earrings.

They were my favorite silver hoops with gold, silver and bronze tiny hoops around the main one. I don’t shop much, but I had picked these out with great love as a special gift to myself.

I started my search with the car, the garage and the house, with no success.

As I thought back on the day, I felt a pang of hopelessness about ever finding my earring.

So many steps taken. So many parking lots crossed.

My next few days were full, with no time to even call around to see if anyone might have turned it in to a lost and found somewhere.

My mind drifted often to the missing earring.

So I put the remaining lonely hoop on a card on the kitchen counter that read, “Thank you for showing me where my earring is!”

Wednesday night when I went to bed, I thought about the earring and said within, “Angels, please show me where my earring is!"


The next morning I woke from an amazing, lucid dream. I remembered everything.

In the dream, it was as if I was a drone floating over the scene.

“I” watched myself walk out of the infant loss support meeting.

This was after I had stayed late, shoulder to shoulder on a couch with Jenny, looking at the photo album of her sweet baby boy who had lived his only weeks of life with cancer - and surrounded by love.

In the dream, “I” saw Jenny and myself exit the building and cross the church parking lot toward our cars.

With the heavy photo album cradled in her left arm, she pulled me in for a bear hug with her right arm and …

off flew my earring, landing silently a few feet from us in the dark.

Yes. In this dream, I saw an exact replay of the original event - only this time, I was watching from above.

I sat up in bed amazed. I was shown exactly where my earring was.

Later that day, I got in the car and pulled right up to the spot I saw in my dream.

There it was, with all of the tiny hoops spread over an area of a few feet. Incredible.

So how did this happen, and how can we bring about more intuition and higher wisdom when we need it?

We can all do this! Here are a few ways we can develop our intuition:


The written word is powerful. Whether it is in a notebook or a kitchen counter note, write your request clearly, knowing that the answer is on the way. Even a simple: “What do I need to know today?” can bring fascinating results.

You can also word your request, as I did, as if it has already come to pass: “Thank you for showing me what I need to know.”


Often times, answers arrive through a dream, or appear with clarity in the morning. Asking for assistance or information with a situation before sleep is a powerful tool.


After making your request, leave some space around the issue. Don’t continue to worry or dwell on it. Put the hammer down. Have faith and step back, allowing the Universe to create a better plan than anything you could imagine.


Meditation is a tool for emptying the mind of her usual noisy commentary. This allows for our inner voice and the voice of our highest guidance to come through. Even 10 minutes in the mornings will create incredible changes in the number of intuitive “hits” you receive.


Being in nature can relax our minds and open us to our deeper wisdom. Before you leave the house, pose your question in your heart or in your journal, then lay it aside and intend only to appreciate nature on your workout. Answers may spontaneously arise.


Answers and assistance often come in the form of a strong feeling to do something - to turn this way or that way, to call someone, to take a certain action. Notice and act on these promptings of spirit. Your gut feelings are your North Star.


Assistance can come through external signs, songs or things people say. Keep an open heart for signs that arrive in creative ways.


Carry a notebook, use your journal or your phone notes to write down signs given and answers received. Signs can be subtle and easily forgotten. Collect them in one place where you can read them over often.


I practice developing my intuition each day. Here are a few additional ways I exercise my inner knowing:

Before going to bed, I tell myself what time I want to wake up. After a bit of practice, I never needed an alarm clock again!

When the phone rings or a text comes in, I ask within who it is before I look. I am often right.

Try these tools yourself and exercise your soul’s knowing.

And remember, we all have access to universal wisdom through the power of our intuition.

Listen with a quiet and open heart. And you will know the way.

The Every Day Spirit Gratitude Journal went to print this week! I’ll keep you posted on when it becomes available.

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