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Affirmations for Inner Peace

Today is a perfect day to bring on some inner peace with a positive vision -- a little note-to-self to set the day right and lift the cloud of overwhelm.

Yes, please!

Affirmations have a way of connecting us with our higher selves and reminding our minds what the spirit already knows: We have a wise, calm center even in the storms of life.

When we sink into each powerful line of an affirmation, we find that we can transform almost any worry thought into a more peaceful thought.

Sounding good?

We can practice this calming transformation by adding some affirmations to our spiritual practice each morning -- and carrying them with us through the day like a back-pocket prayer.

But for now, take a moment to inhale gratitude for the privilege of being alive today. Then exhale and release any overwhelming expectations for the day. Inhale gratitude. And release overwhelm.

Now gently allow each line of these affirmations to expand in your heart and transform this day into a masterpiece of abiding love and peaceful presence:

Today I choose calm over chaos.

In all work, at home or in the office, my highest wisdom flows through my calm mind and heart.

I am present in each moment and I move from one task to another with easy transitions.

Today I choose serenity over stress.

With clarity of mind, I accomplish all that needs to be accomplished with ease.

I do one thing at a time with love, and I ask for the assistance I need from others and from my divine support team.

Today I choose peace over perfection.

I do my best at all times and my best is enough.

My priorities are to share love, to act out of kindness, to allow myself to feel joy.

All else will get done in its time.

I am at peace.

Today I choose grace over grit.

In the flow of divine grace, I am relaxed and supported in all I do.

I listen for signs, knowing that all that is meant for today will happen with little resistance.

Today I choose faith over fear.

I trust that even in challenges, I am right where I need to be.

I am present to my pain and aware of my blessings. I know that I am being supported and guided in every step.

With a deep breath, I bless this day and I go forward with calm, serenity, peace, grace and faith.

Harmony surrounds me.

All is well.


In The World:

  • Take a few minutes several times today with this meditation. Choose serenity and harmony over and over.

In The Heart:

  • Throughout this day, in thought, word and action, I am grounded in the center of deep peace.


Some love from Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace xo

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