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Today Is a Gift

Early this morning I opened the back door to look around.

I noticed the tree limb that was broken by the bird feeder.

Under the overgrown hydrangea, I spied red ants taking up shop in the jade plant.

Algae needed to be scooped from the pond’s surface.

The table begged for washing.

Wandering in, I checked to see that my scheduled post made it to my Facebook page.

The day's inspiration read, “Search for something beautiful in every day.”

In the comments section, this message awaited me:

“It is my daily mission. I live to find beauty and to try to make my surroundings beautiful. It keeps my mind beautiful!”

Tea in hand, I went back outside in search of beauty.

A different world awaited me.

The shiny, sturdy jade leaves were drinking up the morning sun.

Pretty, fuzzy bees were visiting the lavender.

There were at least 50 shades of green and the sky was a deep, gorgeous purple-blue.

The clucking rooster made me laugh.

The smell of sage and thyme were intoxicating.

It made me think of a friend who visited Calcutta and said that so many children asked her for money that her heart closed and she ceased to feel compassion.

The sheer enormity of need shut down her ability to hear the cry of poverty.

Perhaps it is similar with beauty.

We see so much of it that we have stopped letting it into our hearts.

Some circumstances require us to look a little harder than others.

Beautiful things are often clothed as the small, everyday moments.

But if we search for beauty in today, we will surely find it.

And it will keep our minds beautiful.


In The World:

  • Walk in the world today with a keen eye for beauty. Notice with all of your senses. Breathe it in. Bask in the beauty that surrounds you. Remember that today is a gift.

In The Heart:

  • With mindful awareness, I notice beauty in and around me. I allow beautiful things to make me more beautiful.

Story from Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace.

For inspiration, updates & offers

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