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Through the Eyes of Gratitude

Today, let's take a minute and slow down a little.

Notice more. Breathe it all in. Give thanks.

We are rich with gifts, right where we are, when we look at this day through the eyes of gratitude.

After all, this time of year is about the gifts, isn't it?

Not the kind we shop for, but the kind of gifts that are right here in the room with us.

If gratitude has slipped down the priority list, let's begin now to register the sight of natural beauty and linger over small moments of tea and friendship.

Let’s pause to soak up the sound of laughter or a lilting bird song.

Let’s be amazed that our spirits are embodied here in the world to feel a soft blanket, a soapy dish, a loving hand.

Let’s breathe in the joy of the simple abundance that surrounds us now.

Sunrise, sunset and the spin of the earth in between are nothing short of miracles.

So let’s be stunned. Let’s be awed.

Let’s be jaw-dropped by the precious nature of life.

Let’s greet this day mindfully, noticing the ordinary blessings in our daily lives of which miracles are made.

And send up our gratitude on the wings of the most beautiful prayer we can offer: "Thank you."


In The World:

  • See the world through the eyes of gratitude. Notice how gratitude instantly transforms your mindset from one of lack to one of abundance.

  • Feel the world with a loving heart. Allow a layer of resistance to fall away and for your heart to open just a little bit more. Breathe into it. Feel the gifts.

  • Be thankful with a grateful spirit. Give thanks, aloud or in the silence of your heart, for the gifts.

In The Heart:

  • I am filled with joy and gratitude. I see the beauty in the ordinary blessings of today. I am rich with gifts and miracles. And I give thanks.


For inspiration, updates & offers

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