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Love Is Stronger Than Hate

I have long held on to the belief that we live in a benevolent universe where the power of good far outweighs the power of evil.

In the relentlessly positive world that I envision, there is always an available beam of light, shining out from the depths of even the weariest soul, to illuminate the darkness.

Mean-spiritedness withers in the face of kindness; hate and racism fold in the presence of love and truth.

But the continuing affront to our hearts by acts of terror on the innocent and undefended has even my beam flickering in the wind of change.

Our shared cry of despair is in the air.

We grieve for anguished families and friends, for Pittsburgh, for the Jewish community, for Louisville and beyond, for our world, for our shattered hearts.

We shed a new river of tears, of deep sadness in the face of the unimaginable horror now being endured by our fellow souls.

But a beacon of light calls us home.

Unspeakable acts of hate and violence beg us to make decisions about what kind of energy we bring into the world.

And ultimately, we have to choose where our focus continues to go.

Do we make a conscious decision to bless the world and raise it up with our love, or do we feed the darkness with fear?

If we choose love then our thoughts, words, actions and prayers must reflect our choice in every moment.

We begin the process of healing right where we are.

We use our presence, our song, our calm, our joy and our tenderest kindness today to brighten dark corners.

We use a voice of compassion, a heart of unconditional love, a passionate prayer, a peaceful protest or an act of benevolence to lift the vibration.

Love, truth, peace and prayer are not the stuff of spiritual lightweights but the greatest, most powerful weapons in the universe.

Our unified message of love can become a massive beacon of divine light.

We are together now for just this reason.

Let’s light the way, shoulder to shoulder, heart to heart, lantern to lantern.

We can rise to this.

Love is who we are.


In The World:

  • Be an instrument of peace. Honor the lives of those who have died at the hands of hatred by sowing seeds of compassion to all mankind. Share the highest vibrations of love.

In The Heart:

  • Today I focus on creating more healing light in the world in my thoughts, my words and my actions. I offer a voice of compassion, a heart full of love and a prayer for peace.


Lantern to lantern, we shine.

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