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Bless My Eyes: A Morning Message

Sometimes we just need some good news, a positive vision, a shining perspective, a sweet morning message to set the day right.

Uplifting words first thing in the morning have a way of connecting us with our highest selves right out of the blocks. Or out of the bed as the case may be.

When we sink into each line of a prayer or beautiful reading, we find that we can change a good morning into a great morning by choosing to see the world through sacred eyes, as my Mom would call them.

Imagine starting your day in this loving mindset. Any prayer or inspirational verse that stirs your soul will do nicely.

Consider beginning each morning with it and you will feel the transformation.

But for now, take a moment to relax your thoughts and allow each line of this blessing to expand in your heart and transform your day into a work of beauty and art:

Bless my eyes to see what is good, loving and kind.

Bless them to see what is whole, light and calm.

Bless them to see the humble, the quiet and the small.

Bless them to see the beauty in nature and in all living things.

Catch my gaze when my eyes wander only to that which needs mending.

Guard my vision when it strays to that which is dark and discouraging.

Restore clear sight when they gravitate to violence.

Bless my eyes.

Bless my words to speak only kindness and impart only love.

Bless them to be used only to build up and create confidence.

Bless them to put light into the world where there was darkness before.

Hold my words when they might cause pain.

Keep them within when they have the power to tear down and crush.

May I never use them as a weapon of power.

Bless my words.

Bless my heart to feel compassion for every being.

Bless me to understand that the suffering of one of us is the suffering of all of us.

Bless me to see a spark of divine light in every face.

Bless me to see a piece of me in all others.

Keep my heart blind to the faults of others.

May I resist a view of the world that creates separation and judgment.

Lead me away from comparisons and jealousy for the experience of another.

Bless my heart.

Bless my soul to shine love on all who cross my path today.

Bless me to express gratitude for small miracles of daily life.

Bless me to joy and contentment for the gifts of this precious life.

Gently remind me when I slip into lower vibrations of fear.

Let me not linger long in the valley of self-pity.

Nudge me out of needless worry.

Bless my soul.

And bless this day in every way.


In The World:

  • In your morning spiritual practice ask for assistance in turning toward the light, the beautiful and the good in every choice you make.

In The Heart:

  • Throughout this day, in thought, word and action, I am in perfect alignment with my highest and most loving wisdom.


Parts of this blessing are from Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace.

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