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Follow Your Own Star

Yesterday, as I was peacefully writing, four horses stampeded down the hill from the farm next door, just a few yards from the window, trampling the brush and racing into the clearing.

One minute I was in a quiet Zen-like Om-worthy cabin, and the next I was in the wild, wild West.

They were totally psyched to be free, pirouetting on their hind legs then taking off toward Hunters Road.

Uh-oh—that can’t be good.

I ran to call Lorraine, the neighborhood horse whisperer. She was my first call when Shadow pulled his escape trick into that same clearing a few months back.

I’m sure she wondered what kind of horse vortex I have going on over here.

She told me to drive down to the street and block the horses from going up the road. Sure enough, they were in the middle of Hunters Road, acting wild.

When they saw me, they charged off towards yet another farm.

I hopped in Lorraine’s car and we chased them down to a barn where they had stopped to rest.

How, I asked Lorraine, will we get all these crazy guys back home?

It turns out, you only have to reign in the leader, and the rest will follow.

She was able to halter the rabble-rouser and sure enough, the others fell in step and walked peacefully, willingly home.

Impressive, Lorraine.

It was a powerful image, watching the horses fall in.

We, too, tend to follow the lead of those who seem to have more power than we do.

But we have choices; we don’t have to follow someone into the street.

Listen to your inner voice.

March to your own symphony.

Forge your own path.

Shine your own light.

Follow your own star.

No one can bring to the world what you have. You are the only one with your purpose in this lifetime.

The world is in need of your unique ray of love today. Shine brightly.


In The World:

  • Powerful messages from outside sources come at us from all sides. Today, turn down radio, TV, videos, images and people who don’t resonate with your highest good and align with your inner voice. Be bravely yourself.

In The Heart:

  • I am the only one who can direct my path. I listen to my intuition and follow the lead of my highest wisdom.


There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen. —Rumi

The wild guys on my side of the fence.

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