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The Story of the App: What I Never Told Anyone

Dear Ones,

You are in my heart as we hold each other close through the enormous changes around us. I lift up your lives, your loved ones, your intentions each and every day. I hope the daily Facebook messages have been serving your journey and that the book has offered comforting companionship.

I recently spent a few weeks making big updates to both the Apple and Android versions of the app, and I realized that I've never told anyone the whole insane story of how the app, Every Day Spirit Lock Screens, came to be.

I started down the rocky road of app development about ten years ago with only one thing in mind:

I wanted you to feel connected with your spiritual self in some positive way every time you opened your phone or iPad.

I wanted you to be uplifted, encouraged and validated in your goodness.


And amazing as it is, all this time later, I feel that mission more strongly than ever. With Covid Uncertainty swirling around us, we can all use an extra source of nurturance and positive spiritual connection.

So my dears, in celebration of the app's 6 year anniversary in April, with over 35K users and beautiful reviews, I wanted to share with you one of my biggest life adventures.


Before the books, before the wisdom quotes on social media, before the Etsy Store, before the blog, there was only the app.

It was the destination. It was all I wanted to do.

And its creation was a wild ride to say the least.

The inner pull to record the spiritual wisdom that resided in my heart was just beginning when I was still a piano teacher - teaching about 25 kids a week after school, and teaching their moms yoga during the day.

My house was a revolving door of joys and friendships, challenges and life events. Together we went through births and deaths, victories and bullying, first loves and divorces. Real life and strong community.

It was during this time, about ten years ago, when I set out to find a daybook of spiritual wisdom for my then teenaged daughter, Maya, and couldn't find what I was looking for.

I could see in my mind's eye what I wanted for her - a book of uplifting inspirations that would remind her of her strength, beauty and spiritual wisdom.

I envisioned the pages: a quote, a few paragraphs on the day's meditation, a way to practice it throughout the day, an affirmation. (Sound familiar?)

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands and write one myself.

It didn't go so well.

Here's an excerpt from the intro of the book, Every Day Spirit, that explains:

Using a few crafty skills, I printed out ten pages, punched holes in one side and bound it with ribbon. I presented the prototype on her pillow for review. It bombed.

“I would never read that much every day, Mom.” Hmm.

Not to be deterred, I boiled the gems down to a mere paragraph each, printed, punched and ribboned once more, adding a few beads in the binding as a bribe to my audience of one.

And again, “Still waaaayyy too long, Mom.”

One morning, as I contemplated my next move, I watched her over breakfast, eyes riveted on her phone, glued with laser focus on the little box in her hand.

"That,” I thought with a smile, “is where I need to be.”

So I distilled the wisdom down even further until there were but a few words left in the pan.

With these I created mobile phone wallpapers, and from those, I created the Every Day Spirit Lock Screens app.

The side trip took many years and great love, and brought me purpose and positive focus when my marriage was beginning to falter.

Each day after Maya left for school and before I taught piano lessons, I focused on creating one thing. Just one beautiful thing. 

What this little story does not tell you is how incredibly hard it was for me to make the app. 

Like the book, I could see the app in my mind's eye. Clearly. I knew what I wanted it to be, but had no earthly idea of how to make my vision come to be.

So I marched into an Apple Store and up to the Genius Bar. 

"I want to make an app. Do you know any app developers who live in the area?"

There happened to be one guy.

I stalked him on Twitter and finally got the nerve to ask for his help. We met for lunch and I asked a million questions.

He told me he thought I was a littl