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Spiritual Practices in Times of Crisis: Affirmations

Dear Ones,

Let's begin with a little good news: Today is a perfect day.

I'll explain. :)

Today is a perfect day to invite in some inner peace with a positive vision of the hours ahead and for the future. Think of it as a little note-to-self to gather up strength and lift the cloud of overwhelm.

Yes, please!

As we continue our series on Spiritual Practices in Times of Crisis, (find the previous posts in the series here), we look at a way to empower your day with your best intentions and set the stage for light-hearted joy, courageous confidence and alignment.

Today we look at:


Affirmations have a way of connecting us with our higher selves and reminding our minds what our spirits already know:

We can do hard things in a joyful way;

We have all the strength and courage we need for all we need to do;

We have a wise, calm center that is always connected to Divine support and love.

When we sink into each powerful line of an affirmation, we find that we can transform almost any 'worry thought' into a more empowering thought.

Sounding good?

We can practice this by adding some affirmations to our spiritual practice each morning, and carrying them with us through the day like a back-pocket prayer.


There’s an extensive body of research that supports the theory that what we think, we create.

Where our focus goes, our energy flows. I know - we say that a lot around here!

The body will default to pathways it already knows, so it takes a little retraining to create new thought habits. That's where affirmations come in handy.

Affirmations are (often) “I am...” statements that can be used as a mantra, or repeated phrase, keeping our intention on track as the day unfolds.

You are defining yourself in the present. You are stating a fact before it actually comes to be in the material world.

That's where the power lies. You are creating the future alignment and healing that you desire.


Affirmations work best when they are personal. If any part of a written affirmation doesn’t resonate seamlessly in your heart, you have the creative license to rewrite it until it represents your energy. 

Read through these - saying them slowly to yourself with gentle compassion for your frayed edges and weary heart.

I am in perfect health and my cells spin with joy.

I flow through the day with ease and grace.

I am energized, clear and calm.

Everything is in Divine Order.

I am more abundant than I have ever been.

I am safe and all is well.

I am peaceful, joyful and thankful.

Today will be an amazing day.

I have all the time I need for all I need to do.

I am in the flow of love.

I am relaxed and focused.

I love my life.

I am so blessed.

I listen for guidance and follow my inner voice.

I am in the flow of grace.

I am strong and confident.

I am worthy and lovable.

I can do this.

I believe that everything is possible.

For more ideas, every In The Heart section of the Every Day Spirit daybook is an affirmation. Many of you are using those throughout the day. Also check out the January 30 page of the daybook.

Another resource for affirmations is the Every Day Spirit Lock Screens app, where there's a whole category of affirmations that you can use as phone wallpapers or as ideas for your daily affirmation.

Feel free to go to one of the blank pages in the back of your Gratitude Journal and start a list of your own. Personal positive affirmations are as uplifting to write as they are to read or say out loud.


Your journal, phone notes, a white board or index cards placed strategically around the house are good places to keep your affirmations where you can see them.

Phrase everything in the positive and smile with your whole body as you think them - lifting yourself to the higher emotions of gratitude and joy.

We don’t need to know the details of how the end result will happen. The universe will find ways of manifesting our hopes in ways beyond our wildest dreams.


Take a moment to inhale gratitude for the privilege of being alive today.

Then exhale and release any overwhelming expectations for the day.

Inhale gratitude. And release overwhelm.

Now gently allow each line of these affirmations to expand in your heart and transform this day into a masterpiece of abiding love and peaceful presence:

Today I choose calm over chaos.

In all work, at home or at my job, my highest wisdom flows through my calm mind and heart.

I am present in each moment and I move from one task to another with easy transitions.

Today I choose serenity over stress.

With clarity of mind, I accomplish all that needs to be accomplished with ease.

I do one thing at a time with love, and I ask for the assistance I need from others and from my Divine support team.

Today I choose peace over perfection.

I do my best at all times and my best is enough.

All else will get done in its time.

Today I choose grace over grit.

In the flow of Divine grace, I am relaxed and supported in all I do.

I listen for signs, knowing that all that is meant for today will happen with little resistance.

Today I choose faith over fear.

I trust that even in challenges, I am right where I need to be.

I am present to my pain and aware of my blessings. I know that I am being supported and guided in every step.

With a deep breath, I bless this day and I go forward with calm, serenity, peace, grace and faith.

Harmony surrounds me.

All is well.


The power of affirmations comes from imagining ourselves as our best selves and believing in the highest possible outcomes.

Use affirmations in your spiritual practice every day and take them with you out into the day.

Practice them joyfully, remembering that we will create more of what we entertain in our minds and hearts.

In times of challenge and change, our spiritual practices are more important than ever.

If you haven't started a daily practice, now is the time!

Let's take deliberate actions to decrease our stress levels and enhance our spiritual connection bringing hope, peace and perspective to all aspects of our lives.

We can do this.

I'm affirming the best of this day right beside you. There's no place I'd rather be. So much love and many blessings, Mary xo

Previous posts in this series, Spiritual Practices in Times of Crisis, are here.


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