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A Prayer for Racial Healing


May we reach deep in our hearts with honesty.

May we examine what is not made of love.

May we feel the sear of the suffering.

May we walk in the shoes of 'enough is enough.'

May we refrain from defending our silence.

May we shine light on the wounds in between.

May we not judge the way others protest.

May we be honest about our history.

May we speak out for justice for all people.

May we be intolerant of intolerance.

May we learn about each other with compassion.

May we teach each other with patience.

May we respect the ways we are different.

May we take action in the places we can reach.

May we belong to each other as family.

May we choose love as the weapon we teach.

May we replace our walls with bridges.

May we forgive, remember and atone.

May we hold a light for a day, one day,

When we carry each other home.

-Mary Davis, Every Day Spirit


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