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A Moment of Peace

Welcome to a sweet soft moment of peace.

I just had one of my own - and I'm here to tell you - it saved the day.

If you, my friend, are also dipping down near the bottom of the well where there is less of you to give,

or if stress has robbed you of your composure and perspective,

or if you are waiting on a shipment of your new book and have no idea when it will arrive (hey - that's me!),

remember that a calm connection is just a moment away.

Really it is.

We have an amazing built-in tool that is especially helpful when it comes to self-care. That miraculous tool is this:

Where our focus goes, our energy flows.

So all you have to do is focus on these peaceful thoughts, and you too will emerge with more patience, more light, more energy, more joy, and more love to give.

All that in a few self-care moments.

So - now it's your turn.

Breathe deeply, open your heart and enjoy a moment of peace:

Be at peace, and let go of all attachments to outcomes.

Be at peace, and know that love always lives right here, right now.

Be at peace, you are doing the best you can in this moment.

Be at peace, and let the world spin without you.

Be at peace, and breathe, just breathe.

Be at peace, releasing stress, anxiety and worry.

Be at peace, allowing each moment to enter without resistance.

Be at peace, shoulders soft, heart open, spine aligned with heaven.

Be at peace, knowing you are never alone.

Be at peace, and call on angelic assistance for any task.

Be at peace, and listen for guidance.

Be at peace, imagining the highest good for all.

Be at peace, and make an offering of your day.

Be at peace, and feel how infinitely loved you are.

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