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The Beauty Within

If you woke up today feeling less than beautiful, remember, that no matter what is going on with you, the soul is always beautiful and radiant beyond imagination.

And not only that, it is capable of rising above any challenge you may face today - to gain a higher perspective.

Like being on an airplane high up over the clouds, the humans on the ground experience a rainy day, while the real you is getting all of the sunshine.

Yes, the soul has the overview, the big picture, the understanding that love is at the heart of everything.

It doesn't change, it doesn't make mistakes and it doesn't get worried.

The soul can rise above fear and doubt; it can rise above pain and suffering; it can rise above confusion and uncertainty.

There is no judgment or regret. There is no competition or jealousy.

Just a really accurate, ethereal GPS system to guide us to experiences that allow us to live deeply, to love ourselves and others unconditionally, and to constantly create with the tools of love and joy.

So when it’s dark below the clouds, rise to a higher perspective.

The soul of you is always, always more beautiful than you could ever imagine.


In The World:

  • You can handle whatever today gives you. If feels like too much, rise above it, ask for assistance, listen for signs and you will know what to do. Exercise your right to view today from above the clouds.

In The Heart:

  • I am an infinite being of love, connected to all other infinite beings of love. Nothing can change the beauty of my soul.


Everything can be viewed and solved from the higher perspective of the soul.

A higher perspective from the Blue Ridge Mountains.


For inspiration, updates & offers

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