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Grace and The Bluebird

For hours I heard the heartbreaking flutter of little wings in the pipe of the wood burning stove with no idea of how to help.

A friend advised opening the flue and letting the little guy drop into the stove, then trying to fish him out from there. Really? Just catch a bird? This was all new territory.

When I opened the stove door, I was shocked to be eye to eye with a beautiful little bluebird. He was huddled in the back corner, frightened, and in a fleeting moment, I was within his tender body looking out.

I was stuck in the darkness with no sky. I was born to fly free, but not seeing any good options. I recognized myself in him.

Then gently closed the door to ponder my next move.

I retrieved a tea towel from the kitchen and slowly opened the door again. I reached in to cover him and in a flash he flew out past me into the room and along the ceiling to the first available window.

Up and down the screen he flew, then to the next window and to the next, where he stopped, out of gas, alone, scared, checking out the room.

Still not seeing any good options.

Stunned by his stillness I stood motionless as well, only a few feet away.

You are beautiful, was the thought I sent to him.

He was sizing me up.

Stay still. Just surrender, little one.

I reached out with the towel in a smooth movement and he let me pick him up without struggle.

Cradled gently, I took him outside on the front step where I let the cloth fall open and he flew up to a tree branch. We talked for a moment and off he went to new, bluebird-of-happiness adventures.

Sometimes when we are cornered, we surrender and trust in something bigger.

Sometimes when we don't see a way out, the best option is to breathe and wait patiently.

Sometimes when we have no answers, we can listen for guidance and open to the unexpected.

Sometimes when we just stand still, the grace finds us.


In The World:

  • Today when faced with an unsolvable dilemma, be still, ask, allow and receive the gift of grace in the form of higher wisdom.

In The Heart:

  • I ask for assistance and am open to receive answers in new and creative ways. I am learning to tolerate stillness and the art of allowing.


Bluebird, bluebird, in the tree; I caught a glimpse, I got to see; your bounds of freedom with pure intent; you made me smile, I won't forget. —Suzanne Millius (studio3ten)

Thankfully there was no fire in the stove that day.

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