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More Gratitude, Less Worry

Soon after I moved here, I noticed something of grave concern: There were wasp nests under many of the eves of the cabin. Most were fairly small starter homes, but nonetheless, they were there and I was not going to peacefully co-exist with them.

Peter, the supremely helpful owner, offered, “You can knock them down with a broom, but they’ll just come back. They’re pretty benign.”

Benign? Are you kidding me?

In my mind, they were dive-bombing the plate at mealtime, chasing me down the hill as I gardened, and keeping me from entering the front door altogether.

Before I caught sight of their scary little legs dangling down in hot pursuit, I got online and spent hours researching my options. I dutifully read blog threads, finally settling on a batch of earth-friendly fake paper wasp nests.

I dragged out the ladder with a determined air about me, and hung them around the doors to discourage any new wasp activity in places where I needed to tread.

That’ll teach em.

As winter thawed, I watched, fascinated, as the wasps built nests again under the eve of my writing window. They stayed on point and focused on building, floating just above head level, their long legs making them look less like scary creatures and more like dancing ladies.

They created intricate, beautiful abodes.

They didn’t dive-bomb; they didn’t chase; they didn’t block the door.

It was I who had dive-bombed worry. I spent a precious day of my life accusing, dreaming up worst case scenarios, and implementing solutions where no problems materialized.

I could have chosen to be present for life’s beauty and invitations.

I could have been grateful for a hundred small, precious things.

I could have released my worries, having faith that when there was truly a problem, I would be guided to the perfect solutions.

But no. I was busy being chased by scary legs in my mind.

Next time, I will come home to the moment I am in. I will reside in the only place where gratitude is possible.

Next time, I will be present for the blessings of today.


In The World:

  • Until it’s truly time to take meaningful action, consciously release worries as they arise. Over and over again, choose to be right here, right now, where the blessings are.

  • Have faith that beauty ~ and solutions to all kinds of challenges ~ can only be found in the moment we are in.

In The Heart:

  • I release my worries and bring myself back to the present moment. I release my fears and trust that I will guided in perfect time. I release my imaginings and am present for the blessings of today.


My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened. —Michel de Montaigne

Beautiful things out the window to notice and to be grateful for.

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