Slow Down: Today Is a Gift

June 26, 2018

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“This is a wonderful day. I’ve never seen this one before.”


From one of my heroes, Maya Angelou, this beloved quote illustrates how she not only had a way with words, but a way with gratitude.


Her poetry, books and wide variety of other creative offerings drove at the truth with such force as to make us all wonder how we had missed so much depth in our own lives.


The beauty of her inspired literature swept us away into her experience and lifted us up with the hope of rising through challenges too.


No matter how dark things got, Maya found a precious ray of hope to celebrate.


She reminded us, over and over again, that today is a gift.


I could not agree more, Maya.


Today is not a race, it is a gift.


It is not to be rushed or hurried through, but to be savored and treasured.


Today is not a chore, it is a chance.


It is not to be turned away at the door, but to be offered generous hospitality as an honored guest.


Today is not a duty, it is an honor.


It is not an obligation that must be fulfilled, but an opportunity to rise into our highest selves.


Today is not a struggle, it is a choice. It is not to be wrestled to the ground and conquered, but loved and cherished and polished into beauty.


Today is not a cloud, it is a light.


It is not to be travelled through blindly as a victim, but to be illuminated by the sun of our strength.


Today is not a solo, it is a chorus.


It is not to be sung alone but to be orchestrated by a choir of angels and backed by a symphony of all those who love us.


Today is not a race. It is a gift. 

In The World: 


  • Accept today as a gift, being mindful of the small miracles, and taking the time to notice the beauty and the good, even in moments of challenge. All else will fall into place when we slow down, notice the gifts and give thanks. 


In The Heart:


  • There is no other day like today. I am thankful to be awake, to be alive, to be here. I walk through this day with a grateful heart.

All else will fall into place when we slow down, notice the gifts and give thanks.



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