The Message is Love

February 14, 2020

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Happy Valentine's Day my friends.


I didn't plan to post today but a message came through me with such simplicity and clarity -  and I felt it was meant to lift us up. Things have been pretty dark and twisty out there these days and our spirits could use some sweet lifting, right?


From all outward appearances, our world is not steeped in love. The images we see and the voices we hear the loudest are often those of division and fear. 


But when we look again, through spiritual eyes, we know that everything is

connected. We know that Love is the infinite power flowing behind all creation. It is the very essence of our radiant spirits.


This is the truth. On a deep soul level, this is who we are.


So, about that message I received.


I begin each day with a morning spiritual practice. On many days, as I am coming out of meditation, I ask the question:


Do you have a message for me?


And I write down the answer - like taking dictation.


This is what flowed forth. This is for you today.


The message is Love.


Your mission is Love.


It always has been, and it is the purpose of all lives.


Love in every form.


Kindness - small ways of reminding someone that they matter.


Beauty - rejoicing in the miraculous beauty of nature.


Self-worth - treasuring this one precious life and your place in it.


The simple Loves.


The big Loves. 


The colors of Love.


All of life happens in the field of God's Love.


The challenges are Love.


The joys are Love.


The relationships are Love.


The humility and service are Love.


It's simple. Don't make it so hard.


The message is Love.


Go out into the world and love big, my friends. We can do this.


Mary xo



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