A Good Morning Blessing

November 28, 2018

Every Day Spirit |

This morning I share with you a beautiful morning prayer, along with heartfelt wishes that your day unfolds with calm joy and hopeful anticipation.


We are unconditionally loved and powerfully supported by Divine Grace beyond our wildest dreams. Let's rise to that vision and pour our brightest love into this precious day.


May this day be especially blessed.


May this day be grounded in the radiant energy of Love.


May this day make use of my gifts for the work of the Divine.


May this day be the best day of the rest of my life.


May this day bring the opportunity to lift someone up with kindness.


May this day remind me that I am unique, worthy and irreplaceable.


May this day flow with ease and grace through every activity.


May this day be one of peace and patience.


May this day be a constant prayer of gratitude, no matter what I am given.


May this day bring moments of hope, joy and laughter.


May this day give me the chance to let someone know they are loved.


May this day reflect my faith in the perfect imperfection of all events.


May this day find me humble in my thoughts and words.


May this day be especially blessed.



In The World:


  • What you bring to this precious and unique day, you will receive back in a cup of beauty. Bring your most magnificent self.


In The Heart:


  • I step out into this day knowing that I can choose to lift the present moment with the best of my love and open to the blessings in all things.


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