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How We Can Change the World

Prayer is Divine assistance on the wings of love.

Dear Ones,

It's hard to breathe, I know. And the images of suffering are more than our hearts can hold.

So I'm holding you close as we take a pause to remember what is so easy to forget.

How our prayers can change the world.

How they are powerful rays of Divine assistance.

How they matter more than we will ever know.

So let's take a moment of gentle remembering to envision the spiritual truths that live within us, waiting for just this moment in time:

- that we are made of love - powerful, beautiful, radiant love;

- that we chose to be here, in the world, right now;

- that we are part of the light, in the world, right now;

- that the power of our love matters more than anything else;

- that we can send our love through prayers in the direction of everything that worries us;

- that sending love is infinitely more powerful than complaint or fear;

- that sending love to any person or situation changes it, and the ripple is infinite;

- that we can ask for help from the Divine, endlessly;

- that we are supported beyond our wildest imaginings;

- that every soul on earth is connected to every other soul on earth;

- that we are neighbors, we are family, we belong to each other;

- that we are here, on earth, to learn to love each other better;

- that love is the greatest agent of change that we possess;

- and that the world is in need of our love today.


In this moment, our earthly selves feel helpless as we witness the horror of human suffering.

Our spirit selves know that the power of our prayers, rising together, can change the world.

Below are three ways we can pray for the people of Ukraine.

These same prayers bring comfort to all of our concerns - racism, wars in other regions, climate change, your personal intentions.

Prayer knows no bounds.

Pray constantly. Pray as the background of your life.

Where your worries are, put prayers there.


May Divine Grace wrap her wings around all those who are suffering.

May Divine Healing tend to the wounded and comfort the families who have lost beloveds.

May Divine Protection soothe the fearful and hold children in the arms of safety.

May Divine Faith surround those who have lost all material possessions.

May Divine Hope sustain families separated at the border until they meet again.

May Divine Courage strengthen the hearts of those who are called to bravery.

May Divine Peace breathe love into all soldiers in life and in death.

May Divine Blessings hold safely the heroes who serve the suffering.

May Divine Wisdom engage our hearts as instruments of peace and prayer.

May Divine Love remind us that we are one family and that we belong to each other.

May Divine Light illuminate our path forward and guide us to the miracle of peace on earth.


When images of war fill our minds, we can use the breath as a simple prayer.

As you breathe in:

I breathe in love.

As you breathe out:

Blessings to Ukraine.

While driving, while cooking, while walking:

I breathe in love. Blessings to Ukraine.

You can find an additional Peace On Earth Meditation in the book on the September 24th page.


Also called Metta Meditation, Lovingkindness Meditation is usually done in three parts: one for yourself, one for others, one for all beings.

For the purposes of prayer for Ukraine and other intentions, the second part is edited to stand alone.

Repeat these phrases with a compassionate heart:

May you be safe.

May you be healthy.

May you be loved.

May you be at peace.

The full Lovingkindness Meditation can be found in the book on the June 7-9 pages.


Make these prayers your own or use the ones that live in your heart.

Set your phone alarm and pray often.

Be deliberate about how much time you spend absorbing images of war.

Be dedicated about how much time you spend as an instrument of peace.

Every prayer of compassion showers rays of compassion upon the earth.

Every thought of love, cast into the heart of another, showers rays of love upon the earth.

Every recognition of our Oneness showers rays of joy upon the earth.

Every song of solidarity showers rays of unity upon the earth.

May we contribute to peace in our world by remembering:

Every prayer for peace and every thought of peace showers rays of peace upon the earth.

You matter. Your love matters. Your prayers matter.

Peace, my friends.

With so much love,

Mary xo

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