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Creating a Tech Sabbath

Just think.

There can be a precious day of the week when we don't wake up and look at the phone.

A day when we can linger longer in our morning meditation.

A day when we can stretch, breathe and align without a phone chirping on the corner of the yoga mat.

There can be a day when our gratitude practice is not confined to a time of day, but a joyful lingering with the gifts of this precious moment.

A day to read, to contemplate, to welcome, to rejuvenate, to be and to allow.

And we can create this day.

The word Sabbath originates in the word sabat, meaning to stop or to rest.

It honors God’s rest following six magnificent days of creation.

So it only makes sense that we, too, need rest after six long days of creation.

We need the space to remember the tender truth that most real creation doesn’t take place on the phone.

It happens in the heart.

The heart deserves uninterrupted time to integrate the lessons of the magnificent co-creation of the past six days.

The Sabbath is a day to honor the sacred spirit, remembering that our wisdom and clarity originate in moments of stillness and listening.

So after all of our doing this week, it is a retreat for the soul to step off the train of 24/7 connectivity to bask in uninterrupted being.

Consider unplugging for one day each week to recharge your heart, create with your hands, nourish your soul and answer the call of spirit.

It just might be the most transformative thing you've done in a very long time.

Blessings, dear ones, as you enhance your sense of peace so that you are clear, calm and healthy as you share your beautiful gifts with the world.


In The World:

  • Plan for a day or part of a day when you refrain from social media, online shopping and email. Check your accounts a few times during the day if you need to, but don’t feel compelled to answer what can be answered tomorrow. Your friends and colleagues will get used to it.

  • Your time can be completely unscheduled, or you can have at the ready a good book, your journal, some cooking or hobby supplies, your kayak, your walking shoes—whatever supports your favorite contemplative activities. Time spent in nature is especially effective in walking the soul back home.

  • Do something with your family or a friend without electronics. Discover each other in a new way.

In The Heart:

  • I joyfully allow myself a day of rest and renewal, of lingering and listening, of being and allowing.


Sabbath: a day to feed the soul and remember who we are without electronics. - Mary Davis

This post is from the book Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace.

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