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A Monk in the World

I have been faithfully reading the Abbey of the Arts weekly newsletter for many years, so when they put out a call for submissions for one of my favorite features, A Monk in the World, I jumped at the chance.

A Monk in the World highlights stories from everyday life, each week from someone new, who gives us a window into one of their most beloved spiritual practices.

These are not stories from saints and sages, but of regular people finding the light of their spirit through ways we can all relate to - painting, meditation, a walk in nature, travel to sacred places, a morning routine.

Today, I'm overjoyed to share with you my Monk in the World submission, which was published by Abbey of the Arts last week.

Special thanks to the radiant Christine and John Valters Paintner, whose never-ending well of inspiration is a gift to us all.

You can find the article, which I share with great love, right here:


Parts of this essay are from Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace.

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For inspiration, updates & offers

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