For a little comfort and joy, browse through uplifting stories written during my adventures of the soul in an isolated cabin near the Blue Ridge Mountains and up to the present. Some stories appear in the new book Every Day Spirit: A Daybook of Wisdom, Joy and Peace.

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May 15, 2019

Every Day Spirit |

One of the most important ways to elevate your spiritual path is to remember, over and over again, that you have support beyond your wildest dreams in everything you will do today.

Remember this. Every. Single. Day.

Yes, I know. It sounds elementary but we're hard-wired...

April 30, 2019

Every Day Spirit |

Some of life's most beautiful moments happen when we are at our most vulnerable. As a hospice volunteer, I have the honor of being with people during some of those most tender times. 

A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting with a man who I had never met, and who h...

April 18, 2019

Every Day Spirit |

If something is weighing on your heart, you're not alone.

Lots of us are feeling a little "off," overwhelmed, anxious. It seems we are all registering somewhere on the Getting Used to Being Stressed scale.

So, let's tip the scales today.

This we know: What we dwell on, w...

March 26, 2019

Every Day Spirit |

Most of us feel the effects of stress, sometimes first thing in the morning.

So it's more important than ever to harness the tools of calm and make them part of our daily lives. 

My mother, who we call Tiny Guru for her small stature and great spirit, has a saying I lov...

March 5, 2019

Every Day Spirit |

This week, in the book and on social media, we've been talking a lot about staying in the present moment to feel better and to live better.

I am reminded of the "Wasp Story" from my time in the cabin while I was writing the book. If you haven't gotten there yet, or forg...

February 25, 2019

Every Day Spirit |

Today is a perfect day to bring on some inner peace with a positive vision -- a little note-to-self to set the day right and lift the cloud of overwhelm.

Yes, please! 

Affirmations have a way of connecting us with our higher selves and reminding our minds what the spirit...

February 11, 2019

Every Day Spirit |

No matter what you’ve done or left undone, no matter who you’ve hurt or who hurt you, no matter how it might seem like an exercise in pride and hubris—gently set down the self-judgment and remember that you are infinitely loved and magnificently beautiful just as you a...

January 22, 2019

Every Day Spirit |

Early this morning I opened the back door to look around.

I noticed the tree limb that was broken by the bird feeder.

Under the overgrown hydrangea, I spied red ants taking up shop in the jade plant.

Algae needed to be scooped from the pond’s surface.

The table begged...

December 19, 2018

Every Day Spirit |

Archangels are radiant, supernatural beings in the higher realm of angels.

They are messengers from God, delivering important signs, symbols and guidance when we are open to receiving them.

Some of the most celebrated of the archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Rap...

December 11, 2018

Every Day Spirit |

One of my writing heroes, Sarah Ban Breathnach, writes in her daybook Simple Abundance, that she has never been turned down when asking for her daily portion of grace.

She asks each day, with a heart of gratitude, and grace is always delivered on joyful wings - in surp...

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