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A Simple Spiritual Tool That Changes Everything

Each one of us holds a light in the center of our being that is connected to all other hearts. It has the power to lift and to transform. I think that's why this simple thought resonated with so many of you this month:"When someone crosses your mind, bless them." Because we recognize our oneness on a spiritual level and we resonate with the thought that our love can lift another. And hey, it's quiet. It's easy. It's gentle. Yet it changes things. Blessings are a powerful, transformative gift that we can offer to others—anytime, anywhere. My friend, Maria, after reading the Every Day Spirit pages about blessing others, made this part of her spiritual practice. While walking to the store, prep

Listen to the Heart: It Always Knows

The voice of the heart can be heard through a gentle feeling or as a sense of which way to go. It reveals itself as a vivid dream, as synchronicity or in just plain words. It can be as subtle as a soft nudge. There's a voice that doesn't use words. Listen. -Rumi Our inner voice or Divine guidance provides direction and assistance from the source of all universal wisdom. It is always positive and light-filled. It will never lead us to do anything that is negative or destructive, as our soul’s wisdom only operates on a plane of love. It's Divine teamwork at its best. But you already know this. Perhaps that's why this simple quote was the most shared of all the daily EDS quotes this month on so

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