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Blessing for the Dying

Some of life's most beautiful moments happen when we are at our most vulnerable. As a hospice volunteer, I have the honor of being with people during some of those most tender times. A few weeks ago, I found myself sitting with a man who I had never met, and who had no family in the area. He was in his last hours of life, and there was a group of us, trained in keeping vigil, who were taking turns in his quiet company so he did not have to die alone. I sat in amazement, knowing that at any moment heaven and earth would collide, right there in the room, becoming one for a sacred split second. Soon this man would write the epilogue of his life and experience what Anne Lamott, in her wit and wi

Mind, Body and Spirit

If something is weighing on your heart, you're not alone. Lots of us are feeling a little "off," overwhelmed, anxious. It seems we are all registering somewhere on the Getting Used to Being Stressed scale. So, let's tip the scales today. This we know: What we dwell on, we create; what we imagine, we attract; what we ponder, we empower. So it's important to balance our anxious thoughts with the beautiful calm ones, right? A gentle re-connection with our whole selves, Mind, Body and Spirit, is the key. Trouble is, we tend to treat the Spirit part as an afterthought. But hey, that's the place where our wisdom, joy and peace come from. We want to invite more of that in. Deliberately. Every day.

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