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Meditation for Calm

Most of us feel the effects of stress, sometimes first thing in the morning. So it's more important than ever to harness the tools of calm and make them part of our daily lives. My mother, who we call Tiny Guru for her small stature and great spirit, has a saying I love: "Don't let the noise of the world cover the soft voice of the heart." If we are going to coexist with stress and a loud world, it only makes sense to step up our spiritual practice, fostering some powerful tools of serenity and calm. Sound good? This week in Every Day Spirit, we discuss a wide variety of stress-busting tools. Check out this article if you don't have the book yet and are in need of some de-stressing: 14 Steps

More Gratitude, Less Worry

This week, in the book and on social media, we've been talking a lot about staying in the present moment to feel better and to live better. I am reminded of the "Wasp Story" from my time in the cabin while I was writing the book. If you haven't gotten there yet, or forgot the gist, it's a good reminder of how we get sidetracked by our worries and miss the gifts. And we could all use a few sweet gifts today. Hint: All of the best stuff is in the moment we are in. So here's for you - the Wasp Story reprise: Soon after I moved here, I noticed something of grave concern: There were wasp nests under many of the eves of the cabin. Most were fairly small starter homes, but nonetheless, they were th

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