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Archangel Prayers

Archangels are radiant, supernatural beings in the higher realm of angels. They are messengers from God, delivering important signs, symbols and guidance when we are open to receiving them. Some of the most celebrated of the archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and Raphael. In a recent post, we talked about connecting with our Guardian Angels and of their constant presence in our daily lives. Their unconditional love and guidance supports us in countless ways. Archangels can communicate with us on the earthly plane as well, to assist us in meeting the challenges of our lives, and also in deepening our spirituality and helping us embody greater love, compassion and peace. A few years ago, a

Today's Grace

One of my writing heroes, Sarah Ban Breathnach, writes in her daybook Simple Abundance, that she has never been turned down when asking for her daily portion of grace. She asks each day, with a heart of gratitude, and grace is always delivered on joyful wings - in surprising and unexpected ways. We, too, can ask for our daily portion of grace. It's a simple thing really. We take a quiet seat. We calm our noisy thoughts. We focus on radiant Divine Love. And we start talking. We can all do this - and we don't have to take another step without it. Let's take a moment to remember that there is a portion of grace with our name on it, allotted for this very day. And now is a perfect time to surren

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