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Love Is Stronger Than Hate

I have long held on to the belief that we live in a benevolent universe where the power of good far outweighs the power of evil. In the relentlessly positive world that I envision, there is always an available beam of light, shining out from the depths of even the weariest soul, to illuminate the darkness. Mean-spiritedness withers in the face of kindness; hate and racism fold in the presence of love and truth. But the continuing affront to our hearts by acts of terror on the innocent and undefended has even my beam flickering in the wind of change. Our shared cry of despair is in the air. We grieve for anguished families and friends, for Pittsburgh, for the Jewish community, for Louisville

Time Out for Tea and Grace

Our hearts are a little heavy. This month of news was enough to send us all to the clinic for spiritual pacemakers. And that lies on top of our already full lives. Sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to wrestle our work to the ground. Or so it seems from here. Our minds are dancing with stressful thoughts, and we’re more than a little overwhelmed. When we notice this dissonant symphony descending on our brains, we must stop and do the most logical next thing. Make a cup of tea or coffee - and sit. Herein lies the gift. On the sixth day, God did not create stress. We did. In our minds. It’s not even a real thing. It’s our perception of some made-up future doom. It’s the perception

5 Practices That Will Change Your Life

True abundance is ours for the having. All of the spiritual tools we need, and all of the wisdom required, is within. This is the kind of abundance where nothing is lacking; where blessings and synchronicities flow like waterfalls; when you wake up and can’t believe that this is actually your life. It’s possible to unearth this kind of joy. And it is a joy worth having because it does not depend on anything outside of yourself. Like all worthwhile things, it takes dedication and mindfulness to make the transformation, but with a little practice (that’s why we call these “practices”), your vision will change and you will see the world through brand new eyes. Here are a few simple and profound

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