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Kindness is Your Superpower

When we think about our purpose in life, it's tempting to want to list impressive goals and accomplishments. We want to know we are here for a reason and that we will make an impact in the world. Discovering a new cancer drug, for example, or joining the Peace Corps, or giving an inspirational workshop forges a meaningful path and purpose for a select few. But what of the rest of us with less definable ways of making an impact? At one point or another, most of us question our purpose. Have I set the bar for my life too low? Too high? Am I doing what I came here to do? Does my life matter? The thing is, regardless of our perceived station in life, it’s okay to reach for the stars. It's not to

Connecting with Your Guardian Angel

I've always been an "angel person." My mom too. When I was growing up, visits by angels and spirits were considered a natural part of life, so I never saw it as particularly unusual when, as a young adult, I delved into a deeper relationship with my guardian angel. I called on her for help with just about everything. And I still do today. It amazes me how many of us have forgotten that we have access to this great gift. Or we never knew in the first place that we have untapped assistance nearby. The thing is, we all face challenges every day that could use a little supernatural assistance, and the help we need is standing right behind us. Yep. They are right here. Guardian angels are ever-pr

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