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Joy and the Coffee Cake

As I sit in the morning sun considering ways to celebrate joy in small things, I imagine a colorful tube reaching from the sky to me. Through this open, joy-transmitting tunnel, I feel beams of sheer bliss coming right into the top of my head and landing with laughter in my heart. My joy channel is getting a strong signal. But strangely, it repeatedly sends down but one thing through my tunnel. Coffee cake. Yes, indeed. I’m channeling almond coffee cake. Since taking all things gluten out of my life some years ago, I dream of my former favorite breakfasts, which all happen to be coffee cake related in some sweet happy way: cheese danish, scones, banana bread, and the queen of all breakfasts,

Trust and the Fawns

The squirrels are collecting and burying nuts; the horses are circling the field in the rain; the leaves are beginning the long slow process of changing hue; the wind is gently sweeping away the ones that have volunteered to fly first. All is well out my window on this fall afternoon as if nature was born of faith. And all is well with the spirit too. Even in dramatic changes and challenges, the spirit remains calm and steady. Even in our confusion and indecision, the spirit remains strong and sure. Even in depression and defeat, the spirit remains wise and well. Even in our most profound brokenness and exhaustion, the spirit remains whole. The other day as I stood on the split rail fence vi

My Manager and the God Box

My mother, who we affectionately call "Tiny Guru" for her small stature and great spirit, takes pride in being my manager. There’s nothing much to manage as I am a hermit writer living in the country, and that suits us both nicely. On a daily basis she gives me the priceless gift of her unconditional love and enthusiastic support. No matter the project, she is all in. She also does a particularly vital task for me: She xeroxes my Facebook posts and sends me hard copies of them. Receiving those papers every few months allows me to organize my ideas for new posts and blogs. I can lay them out on the floor, reorder them and take notes on them. They are invaluable, thus making her an extra great

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