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Kindness and the Skunk

A few days ago from the writing window a rustling caught my eye. Heading straight for me was a large, limping skunk with a very puffy tuft of white hair covering her back like a lovely fur coat. As she approached, it occurred to me that no one really prays for skunks, except maybe to say while driving, Please God, don’t let me hit this thing. We make assumptions about skunks. We think we know them. No, skunks, like stink bugs have a bad rap with very few finding the good in them. And this girl had two soul-expanding features: she was a skunk and she had a disability. A big spirit indeed. Being nocturnal, or technically crepuscular (they come out at dusk and dawn), we don’t see skunks around

Starting Over with the Sunrise

This morning I wrap in a blanket and pad out the back door to be with the sunrise. The early birds begin in the dark with tentative melodie

The Art of Listening

Speaking our truth is one of the best ways to get to know ourselves. Many a heart can be healed by the simple act of uncensored expression in the presence of quiet compassion. So while it may seem passive to find yourself on the listening end of a conversation, you are giving a precious gift. I’m not sure when my self-conscious veneer started to crack, but I must admit I talk to horses a lot these days. They don’t interrupt me when I’m talking; they nod between bites of grass; they have compassionate eyes. They are the perfect sounding board for esoteric thinking and they can handle a wide range of emotions without getting squirrelly. Their silent kindness reminds me of the incredible servic

Faith and the Comet

Tiny pieces of the tail of a comet grazed my house last night. Yours too. They may as well have landed on the roof. Fiery, wish-worthy, shooting stars danced in every corner of the sky, lighting up the night, and our dreams, with ancient stardust. The Perseid meteor shower travels trillions of miles to put on the spectacular, annual fireworks show—and to shake us out of our earthly coma. When we stare at the sky, we can’t help but ask the big questions. After, “How could forever be that far?” comes the inevitable, “How can I be this small?” And the thought, "What kind of powerful God could have concocted this universe?" Perseid gives us a pajama-clad chance to see how small we are and how gr

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