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Drive-By Love

I don’t know many people in my little country town, but I know that Sharron is everyone’s right hand person. She cares for countless horses and maintains their stalls. She feeds dogs and cats and chickens when their owners are away. She takes care of the llamas and the sheep behind the Inn. She takes care of her large family. And she takes care of me. Yesterday, I set out on a walk at dusk; my tired, achy body and soul moving slowly under the weight of Sissy’s memorial service over the weekend. Her pickup truck slowed to a stop when she saw me on Hunters Road and I leaned in, relaxed by her easy presence. From under her baseball cap, her brown eyes inspected my face. There was no hiding. “Ju

The Horse That Jumped For Joy

Of the four horses in the field next door, Shadow is the free-spirited one, the least predictable, the renegade. I have spent many hours pouring my heart out to these horses, but Shadow has risen to the status of teacher and soul mate through the split rail fence. I once glimpsed the breathtaking sight of him galloping at full speed around the field in the pouring rain, exhilarated and joyous, both of us. After his victory lap, he stopped short and reared up on his hind legs, kicking toward the sky. For the encore, he rolled on his back from side to side until he was caked with mud and thoroughly covered with delight. Last night, just as the sun retired over the mountain and the clouds color

Tales From Hunters Road

Three weeks ago, I moved from Hunters Road. I lived there for a year and a half between my married years and now. And it was the adventure of a lifetime. Hunters Road is in Rappahannock County, Virginia, seated near the rise of the Shenandoah National Forest at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Not only is it exquisitely beautiful, but it is radically isolated. For me, anyway. I love silence and I thrive on creating in quiet. But this was a whole new level of stillness. No cell service, no TV, no news unless I drove into town. I had a dish and just enough gigabytes per month to post to Every Day Spirit and do my app updates. No clicking on videos or opening pages with spinning ads. No su

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